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Chinese Entrepreneur Group went to Tinian to inspect and seek business opportunities for Sino-US investment cooperation!
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From June 8th to June 12th, Bridge Investment Group (hereinafter referred to as BIG Group) and US Saipan BNW Company led more than 30 Chinese entrepreneurs to visit Saipan and Tinian to seek investment opportunities between China and the United States.

Saipan was the first stop of the trip. Upon arrival, BIG Group and BNW jointly held the “Saipan Dream Tour” seminar which was attended by BIG Group Human Resource Director Selena and BIG Group Legal Advisor James. During the seminar, James provided insights on the latest US Federal and the Commonwealth government policy specifically toward business development on Saipan and Tinian Islands.

Tinian was the second and last stop of the trip. The delegates were also accompanied by BIG Group COO, Phillip, while they went to the construction site of Tinian Ocean View Resort to examine its process.

At the end of the trip, many Chinese entrepreneurs expressed their interest in the Tinian project and further communicated with the group members after the meeting to seek new business opportunities.

As a milestone project for the emerging island tourism industry, “Saipan Tinian Oceanview Resort” has attracted the attention of people from all walks of life around the world. Due to its unique location, and the humanitarian services it provides to the local community, BIG Group has been given strong support from the federal government as well as the Northern Mariana Government and the Tinian Municipal Government. We are pleased to say that the project is currently in full swing and more excitement to be continued!

In addition, the BIG Group's consulting team also visited the booth of US Amry and learned new pieces of information on the US government employment requirements, benefits, etc., in order to provide better consulting service to our clients.

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