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Northern Mariana Regional Center has been officially approved by USCIS and is now comprehensively developing Tinian Island of USA.

TheNorthernMarianaIslands belongs to USCommonwealthTerritory, with an area of 457 square kilometers, population of 65900 (in 1996) and population density of 128 persons per square kilometer. Most of the population isMicronesians, in Chamorroand Carolinian, and the rest is Spanish, German and Japanese. Many of the residents are Spanish mixed-blood. The official languages are English, Chamorro and Carolinian. Most of the residents believe in Roman Catholicism. The capital is Saipan Island. 2004 official statistics says that the resident population on the Islands is about 80,000, including 20,000 original residents (who hold American passports), 20,000 foreign workers and investors (including Chinese), 20,000 Filipinos, 10,000 South Koreans and Japanese and 10,000 Bangladeshis and Thais and others. The governor is Pedro•P•Teonrio. TheNorthernMarianaIslands is located at 12°~21°northern latitude and 144°~146°eastern longitude. It is composed of 17 volcanic islands, such as Saipan, Tinian, Rota, etc. and coral reef, 8 of which have inhabitants. It has a tropical marine climate with average temperature of 27℃. The annual precipitation is more than 2000mm. July to October are rainy seasons, February to April are dry seasons, and August to September have plenty of hurricanes. Saipan is the largest island, occupying 122 square meters. The middle part is hilly area and the highest point above sea level is Tagpochau with the height of 474 meters. The marine traffic is convenient. There are ports on Saipan, Rota and Tinian.

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